Scary Mary

and the nightmares nine

 by Amy Escobar


A play centering on a young woman's struggle with depression and suicidal ideation in a strange world full of humor, horror, friendship and foes.

poster by Eddie DeHais
fun and frolicsome with just the perfect amount of soul-crushing darkness
— City Arts
a fantastic tale haunted by gaunt demons, a mad librarian and a lurking beast named Slither with a taste for blood
— The Seattle Times
A clever and charming play with great wit, much warmth and some smartly constructed imagery that delights all the senses. Amy Escobar’s script is appropriate for most age levels but it never feels too childish… it’s a mature story but grounded in the fairy tales/fantasy worlds enjoyed by young and old.
— Seattle Gay Scene

praise from audiences on social media:

It’s an absolutely beautiful and fulfilling show that feels like a formative movie from childhood that you somehow have no memory of. It deserves a full house every night.
Thank you for a magical time last night! This was very much like Jim Henson’s THE STORYTELLER for jaded thirty-somethings. Amy Escobar and Eddie DeHais, you brought that spark back.
This show is so fucking good. It’s like if The Labyrinth had a better plot and David Bowie was a cat and the actors were basically perfect. Terry Gilliam is going to turn it into a movie.
If you are into imaginative worlds like Psychonauts or Coraline or love a good dark adventure I highly echo the recommendations to see Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine.
I was so impressed with how completely I was swept away into the story. It’s amazing what good acting, creative art direction, and a story both humorous and intimate can do in such a small space.
I saw Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine and it was delightfully spooky and fun and thought-provoking.
I don’t have enough superlatives to praise Scary Mary – the BEST theater I’ve seen in a long time.
Scary Mary is delightfully weird & wonderful & full of my favorite things: puppets, hella good production design, great comic timing, super cool ensemble work, physical theater of all kinds, lyrical & poetic & funny text, female friendship, creeper sidekicks, & librarians (well, one librarian). Go see it & enjoy living in the nightmares
Intermission endorsement: Holy shit. Go see Scary Mary while it’s still running. Just go. I promise.
Wish the show was called “Scary Mary and the Nightmares Forty” because then it would have never ended. Amazing.